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ul. Kosmatki 44
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ALCATEL OXE (OmniPCX Enterprise)

TRX call recorders allow for two types of CTI integration with Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE) PBXs:

Active recording - DR-LINK PCM/2

DR-Link interface allow for communication between TRX recorders and Alcatel OXE PBXs using CTI-enabled environment. The solution enables to record calls at all Alcatel OXE lines, which are included in CSTA monitoring. Active call recording can be used for all types of telephone sets, except virtual station (i.e. without physical address).
Implementation of the solution requires the Alcatel PABX to be equipped with additional 2Mbit/s interface board (PCM/2). Each PCM/2 trunk board allows for recording up to 30 calls at the same time. Another PCM/2 board expands this pool for consecutive 30 voice connections.
Call-related events information are sent to recorder via DR-Link interface. For each monitored station, Alcatel OXE causes the audio stream is replicated and put in particular timeslots of dedicated PCM2 board, which is connected to the TRX recorder.

call recording Alcatel - DR-Link

Because the voice stream can be redirected from RTP packets into TDM timeslots on dedicated PCM2 board, DR-Link integration can be used for recording calls from IP based extensions or trunks.

Passive recording - CSTA

This solution is based on CSTA and does not require any additional hardware equipment on the PBX side. TRX recorder is connected to all monitored (analogue or digital) extensions or trunks via parallel tapping lines. The audio stream is captured directly from recorded phone or trunk lines. All call-related events information are retrieved from Alcatel TSAPI Server (Telephony Server Application Programming Interface).

call recording Alcatel - CSTA

This type of CTI integration does not allow for recording calls at IP based extension or IP based trunks.


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